Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nice to See You Again Dear Friend

It has been awhile. In my last post I mentioned lots of changes. Well, there have been even more things that have happened since that post almost a month ago.

Will is away for training until Thursday (thank goodness!) and while he has been gone, both Asher and I celebrated our birthdays. Well, we didn't really celebrate them at all. We're waiting until Will gets home to have a little party. It just didn't seem right to have a party while he was gone since we don't really know socialise too much. Asher doesn't seem to mind (he is only two after all) so it just works out.

I'll try to get up a couple post about trips we took and things we've done before the party. I'm hoping to catch up and post regularly but I say that all the time, so we'll see. Until then, enjoy a few pictures!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Our Step Towards Minimalism


I talked previously about my desire for less. It really can be a struggle. We're conditioned taught that in order to be happy, we must have more. More money, more things, more everything. Well, I'm tired of more...especially more clutter, more junk. I want to live simply, organically.

Even though the thought of change gives me anxiety, I'm ready for it...actually I'm aching for this change in our lives. I mean, it seems like the natural next step for me but Will was always on the fence. He has made a lot of changes because of me (the guy had never eaten broccoli before we got is that even possible?!) but sometimes familiar habits are hard to break. Well, about a week ago, he stumbled on the Zen Habits website and something clicked with him (even though I've talked about the same concept repeatedly but that's marriage for you).

So as of right now, we're taking the steps towards a more minimalistic life for our boys and ourselves. I'm excited for this change (there have actually been a few changes in our lives but I'll talk more about those in a different post). I'm even more excited to share this change with you guys.

Monday, February 23, 2015

On Turning 30


That magical number where you are supposed to have your shit stuff together. Everything is supposed to fall into place. Career, family, life, you know, EVERYTHING.
Well, my thirtieth birthday is fast approaching and I feel like I'm having a mid-life crisis. I am starting to realize that for the past two years, I have lived in a bubble. I live this quiet life in my little German village. And I was just fine with that until a letter from Social Security reminded me that I did not make any income during 2013 (or 2014). That's when it hit me that for the last two years, according to the government, I haven't been doing anything with my life. Sure, I'm a stay at home mom of two young children. I know this and love this but when I return to the workforce, I will have to explain why I haven't' "worked" in two years (three years by the time we leave here).

That scares the crap out of me and sends me downward spiraling into anxiety wondering what I have to show for the past thirty years of my life. I have a family but no career, no degree (I will get that done though, pinky swear), no income of my own. I just have to keep reminding myself that I live a life that's perfect for me. That works for my family and if that doesn't fit into what society (and my environment) has taught me is acceptable for a thirty year old, then so be it. Anyways, thirty is the new twenty so I still have ten more years to figure things out.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Just Two

I offended Liam today. He asked for a snack and I told him to make sure he shares with this brother. He looked right at me and said, "Everything I ask for is for me and Asher". And he's right. If Liam asks for a toy at the store, you better believe he will ask for one for Asher. If he asks for a snack and Asher wants a piece of his (even though he has his own), you better believe Liam will share. Liam is the perfect big brother. Of course there are times when sharing doesn't come as easily and fighting does but that's completely normal.

When I look at the bond between Liam and Asher, I am amazed. Even though I would love to have baby number three, I wonder if adding another kid in the mix will disrupt what they have going on or maybe another sibling will just add to the love. I don't know but every time I see the boys hugging first thing in the morning and every night before bed, I hope that their bond lasts forever.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Natural Living: Jaye's Natural Hair Journey

2 years, 4 months and 20 days ago, I walked into a barber shop with Will and Liam to have my hair chopped off.

Not a little chop, you know the ones I'm talking about. When your friend says that she chopped off all her hair and shows up with shoulder length hair proclaiming that she's bald...not one of those. I was literally bald. I still can't believe that Will didn't freak out (although he has recently admit that he hated my short hair, no worries though, so did I).

For quite awhile after "big chopping", I didn't know what to do with my hair. It was dry, brittle and extremely shrunken (which is normal for naturally curly hair but mine would get tangled and matted as well). Shortly after cutting my hair, I got braids installed.

I wore those for awhile then started wearing my natural curls. I have made a lot of progress with my hair since then but I've had just as many setbacks. I have dealt with breakage, dryness, single strand knots (where you get knots on the end of individual strands of hair) and postpartum shedding. You name it, I've probably dealt with it during my hair journey and was dealing with it up until a few days ago.

After trying to style my hair a few days ago, I realized that I needed a trim. I bought some hair shears, went to the bathroom and cut about two inches off. At first I was traumatized, I thought that I had royal screwed up. Then I put my products in (I'll go over my hairstyle-the wash 'n go in another post), styled my hair and realized that my hair had been dying for a trim. Will, who never notices my hair, has commented on more than one occasion on how good my hair looks.

So after 2 years, 4 months and 20 days, I have decided to start a healthy hair journey. I definitely want to grow and retain length but I don't want long, unhealthy hair. I'll share my journey over the next year and I hope that it will inspire others to embrace their curls, kinks and coils.